HAVANA, 17 July 2017.- After the launching of the #NoMásBloqueo poster contest within the framework of the Fourteenth Design Week 2017, we have received applications from persons from various countries around the world to participate in the contest.  Therefore we have decided to broaden the convocation and extend the term for applications. 

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HAVANA, june 28, 2017 .–The Executive Board of the Latin American and Caribbean Parliament (Parlatino) recently approved a resolution rejecting the U.S. President's statements announcing plans to reinforce the economic, commercial, financial blockade imposed on Cuba by this country.

On February 3, 1962, former President of the United States, John F. Kennedy signed Executive Order 3447, which stipulated the total trade embargo on Cuba. By doing so, the government of that country made the blockade against the Cuban State and people official.

Vietnam calls for removal the blockade against Cuba

VIETNAM, October 19, 2016.-  A seminar on the trade embargo against Cuba was held by the Vietnam-Cuba Friendship Association (VCFA) and the Cuban Embassy in Vietnam in Hanoi on October 19.

The event saw the participation of representative from the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations, the Party Central Committee’s Commission for External Relations, the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and National Defense, the Vietnam Fatherland Front, mass organizations, historians and economic experts.

Friends of Cuba in Dunedin demand the end of the US Blockade

NEW ZELAND, October 20, 2016.- Members of the Cuba Friendship Society in Dunedin, New Zealand, issued a statement denouncing the economic, commercial and financial blockade of the United States against Cuba, demanding its immediate end. The document was published in the Otago Daily Times, one of the majors newspaper of this southern region.

Russian Nobel Physics Prize Calls US to lifting the Blockade on Cuba

CUBA, October 19 th, 2016.- The Russian Academician and Nobel Prize in Physics 2000 Zhores Alferov has declared today to be against the US blockade imposed to Cuba. Alferov has been working in the area of hetero structures for semiconductor since 1962. His contributions to physics and semiconductor technology have reported advances in the fields of lasers, solar cells, LED and epitaxial manufacturing processes for micro components.

And, Cubavsbloqueo shows below his open letter:

Costa Rican President Reiterates Rejection to Blockade against Cuba

COSTA RICA, October 18th, 2016.- President of Costa Rica, Luis Guillermo Solis, stated today that the blockade the United States has imposed against Cuba for more than half a century does not contributes at all to the current reality in Latin America.

Referring to the upcoming vote at the United Nations on a resolution presented by Cuba to eliminate the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by Washington against the island, the Costa Rican president insisted that 'we will vote against it'.


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