Washington D.C.; January 31, 2021 - About five hundred Cubans living in the United States and sympathizers with the island carried out this Sunday, January 31, a caravan in several cities of the northern nation.

Under the premise of building "Bridges of Love between Cuba and the United States", the caravan of bicycles and cars was held for the first time in four major cities: Miami, New York, Seattle and Los Angeles.

The General Director in charge of the United States at the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Carlos Fernandez de Cossio, affirmed that Cuba will defend its sovereignty against the aggressions the United States currently intensifies.


The Ministerial Declaration of the 44th Meeting of Ministers for Foreign Affairs of the Group of 77 (G77) was approved today. An entire section of this document, focused on reaffirming that the imposition of coercive measures on developing countries does not contribute to the economic and social development of their peoples and is not tools that favor dialogue and understanding among peoples.

Cuban legislator Mariela Castro condemns Blockade at Italian Parliament

ITALY, April 7, 2014. Cuban legislator Mariela Castro, head of the Center for Sexual Education of Cuba (Cenesex),  held a meeting with members of the Human Rights Group at the Commission of Foreign Affairs of the Italian Parliament, in Montecitorio, Rome.

Mariela was welcome by Vice President of the group which is compossed by fourteen legislators, Emanuele Scagliusi.

President Mujica Rejects Blockade Against Cuba

URUGUAY, April 1st, 2014.- Uruguayan President Jose Mujica today rejected the U.S. economic blockade against Cuba and warned about the attempts to impose sanctions on Venezuela.

In a statement released by the Ministry of Communication of the Presidency, Mujica said: 'When the whole world asks the U.S. to eliminate the economic blockade against Cuba, some voices arise from that government threatening Venezuela with sanctions.

The first thing that Venezuela and throughout Latin America need is to be respected, said Mujica.

Caricom urges United States to end the blockade against Cuba

GUYANA, March 26, 2014. The Community of the Caribbean (Caricom) requested, once again, the end of the blockade the United States has imposed to Cuba for more than five decades.

"Caricom knows of the value of unity in the international arena because the coordination of the foreign policy is one of the key elements of our movement of integration", expressed Caricom's Secretary General Irwin LaRocque, during the ceremony of presentation of credentials of the new Permanent Representative of Cuba to this organization, Ambassador Julio González.

Yemeni Parliamentary Leader Condemns US Blockade against Cuba

YEMEN, March 26, 2014.- Yemeni Parliamentary leader Yahya Ali Al-Raee condemned the U.S. blockade on Cuba today, during an interview with Cuba''s ambassador David Paulovich.

The stance is based on the historic friendly relations between Yemen and Cuba, and their common position against U.S. imperialism, stated the legislator during a meeting, held in a friendly atmosphere, a diplomatic source revealed.


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