Cuba denounces

Demands in Washington D.C. to lift the blockade against Cuba

CUBA, September 18, 2017.- With the presence of Cuban Ambassador José Ramón Cabañas Rodríguez, the main event of the Days of Action against the Blockade organized by the International Committee for Peace, Justice and Dignity of the Peoples along with other organizations of solidarity with Cuba in the United States, took place on September 14, in the Baptist Church El Calvario, in Washington D.C., aimed at demanding the lifting of the unjust policy imposed on Cuba for over 55 years.

Cuban Ambassador reaffirms negative impact of the blockade as he met with farmers in the United States

UNITED STATES, September 14, 2017.-  DE The Ambassador of Cuba to the United States, José Ramón Cabañas Rodríguez, reaffirmed on September 12, in the framework of the annual meeting of the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture (NASDA), the negative impact of the blockade against Cuba as he explained how the regulations imposed by this policy are the main hindrance against the economic- commercial relations and the cooperation between Cuba and the United States, particularly, in the agricultural sector.

British university rejects Cuban students citing U.S. blockade laws as justification

CUBA, July 31, 2017 .- The British Cuba Solidarity Campaign (CSC) has launched a campaign to overturn a ban on applications from Cuban students by one of the biggest educational institutions in the UK.

Extended Convocation for the Poster Contest #NoMásBloqueo

HAVANA, 17 July 2017.- After the launching of the #NoMásBloqueo poster contest within the framework of the Fourteenth Design Week 2017, we have received applications from persons from various countries around the world to participate in the contest.  Therefore we have decided to broaden the convocation and extend the term for applications. 

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Cuban Ambassador denounces effects of the blockade imposed by the US against Cuba

THE BAHAMAS, June 30, 2017. – Once again the Cuban Ambassador in The Bahamas, Ismara Vargas Walter, emphasized her condemnation against the blockade imposed by the United States against Cuba, during a meeting with the new Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hon. Darren Henfield, which took place at the headquarters of the Bahamian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Cuba reiterates in the WTO its call for the elimination of the US blockade

GENEVA, December 19, 2016. Cuba denounced today in the WTO that despite the progress made in the diplomatic field and cooperation between Cuba and the United States, the blockade economic, commercial and financial measures of the government of that country against the Caribbean country continues to be applied.

Ten key points on Cuba-U.S. relations

Ten key points

1. Advances have been made since President Barack Obama announced on December 17, 2014 his willingness to use his executive powers and work with Congress to lift the blockade.

2. The United States just announced its intention to abstain from the vote on this Resolution Project. It has taken 24 years for the solitary vote of the United States in this room to be rectified. It has been 24 years, as Ambassador Samantha Power said, of isolation and failure.

Today UN Vote Against the Blockade Imposed by the United States Against Cuba

CUBA, October 26, 2016.- Cuba will present, today Wednesday, October 26, the resolution 70/5 entitled "Necessity of ending the economic, commercial and financial embargo imposed by the United States of America against Cuba" at the United Nations General Assembly, for the twenty-fifth consecutive time.

The Economic Blockade Hinders Cuba-US Relations

UNITED STATES, October 25 2016.- The economic, commercial and financial blockade of the US against Cuba is the main obstacle for the normalization of relations between Havana and Washington, said the Cuban Ambassador José Ramón Cabañas. (Audio)

Cuban Foreign Minister in New York for UN Vote Against Blockade

UNITED NATIONS, October 24, 2016.- Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez is in New York for a new vote in the UN General Assembly on the need to lift the US blockade against Cuba.


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