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U.S. Blockade Affects Technological Development of Cuba

CUBA, October 1, 2014. The unfair U.S. blockade on Cuba influences the technological development of the Caribbean nation as international projects are delayed because Cuba is banned from purchasing equipment and supplies from U.S. Companies or others from third countries which operate with U.S. Dollars.

US Blockade Hinders Modernization of Cuban Sugar Industry

CUBA,  September 30, 2014. The US economic blockade of Cuba makes it very difficult and costly to undertake important investment on the island's sugar industry, said the director of Industrial Plants with the sugar sector in the eastern province of Camaguey Erduin Delgado.

US Economic Blockade Attacks Cuban Education

CUBA, September 26, 2014. The economic, trade and financial blockade imposed on Cuba by the United States more than half a century ago, attacks the education sector in the Caribbean island.

Education is a inalienable right of all Cubans along their lives, and it is a fundamental principle of the Revolution, reflected in the Article 39 of the Constitution, says the report called “Need to Put an End to the Economic, Trade and Financial Blockade Imposed by the United States of America on Cuba.”

The blockade, a policy against life

CUBA,  September 24, 2014. For those who still insist on calling it an economic embargo, a glance at the report on the effects of this irrational U.S. policy in areas such as public health, due to be presented next month at the UN, is enough to dismiss this euphemism or at the very least call it into question.

US Blockade Affects Cuba's International Cooperation

CUBA,  September 24, 2014. The economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States against Cuba for more than half a century affects the cooperation that the island is developing with several countries, including the northern nation.

Washington's siege against the island involves numerous barriers and obstacles to international cooperation in various sectors throughout the Caribbean country, as noted in the report: "Necessity of ending the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States of America against Cuba."

Economic Impact of U.S. Blockade on Cuba's Housing Sector

CUBA,  September 22, 2014. Journalists at RHC have been monitoring the economic implications of the United States blockade of the island ever since estimates were made available and  as the years roll by, the effects of the blockade on sensitive, specific areas of Cuban society have emerged with painful clarity. One such sector is the construction industry in Cuba.

U.S. Restrictions Designed to Damage Cuban Tourism

CUBA, September 16, 2014. The United States blockade against Cuba has caused estimated damages of $2.5 billion USD to its tourism sector, according to a report recently released by Cuban authorities.

The barriers imposed against Cuba more than 50 years ago represent a true financial war and brutally hinder the socioeconomic development of this nation, charged Cuban Deputy Foreign Minister Abelardo Moreno.

Cuban Minister of Science, Technology and Environment denounces United States blockade against Cuba

Apia, 2 September, 2014. Speaking in the general debate of the Third International Conference on Small Island Developing States, the Cuban Minister of Science, Technology and Environment, Elba Rosa Pérez Montoya, denounced the unprecedented tightening of the blockade against Cuba in recent years, particularly of its extraterritorial character with a strong emphasis on the banking and financial sector, which creates serious obstacles to the sustainable development of the Cuban people.

Presentation of Cuba's Report on United Nations resolution on the Blockade

CUBA, September 8, 2014.   This Tuesday, September 9th, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Abelardo Moreno Fernández, will present to the national and foreign media accredited in Havana, the Report of Cuba on the United Nations General Assembly Resolution 68/8 entitled "Necessity to end the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States on Cuba". The meeting with the press will be held at special school "Solidaridad con Panama", at 10:00am (Cuban time) and will be broadcast live through Cubavisión Internacional.

Bank of Ireland suspended transactions related to Cuba due to blockade

IRELAND,  August 26, 2014. "People in Ireland seeking to use a bank to transfer money to residents in Cuba are being disabled do so because the United States embargo against the Caribbean country," published on Monday the Irish Times.


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