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Lawmakers Express Rejection to US Blockade against Cuba

CUBA,  October 27, 2014. The economic, financial and commercial blockade the United States has imposed to Cuba for more than 50 years is a failed and genocide policy the international community almost unanimously rejects today, the island''s legislators stated.
The issue of the blockade maintained on Cuba by successive U.S. governments was debated during a hearing of the National Peoples' Power Assembly held last Friday at the Jose Antonio Echeverria Higher Institute for Technical Studies in this capital.

The blockade reflects US aberrant policy against Cuba

IRAN, October 27, 2014 . The Embassy of Cuba in Tehran hosted a press conference to explain the reasons for a new draft resolution being presented to United Nations General Assembly on October 28, to demand the lifting of the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the US against our country.

Embassy of Cuba in Egypt denounces genocidal blockade of United States against his country

EGYPT,  October 22, 2014. The Chargé d'Affaires of Cuba in Egypt, Alexander Pellicer Moraga, gave a press conference to Egyptian media, which denounced the genocidal and illegal blockade imposed by United States to the Cuban nation for more than five decades. 

Press conference on the US blockade against Cuba held in Botswana

BOTSWANA, October 20, 2014.  On the occasion of the forthcoming  vote of the Cuban resolution in the UN General Assembly next October 28, a press conference on the United States of Americas  blockade against Cuba took place in Botswana under auspicious of the Cuban Embassy in Gaborone.

US Blockade Attempts against Cuban Children's Education

CUBA,  October 20, 2014. The economic, financial and commercial blockade imposed by the United States for more than half a century, hinders the development of education in Cuba, and especially the children's.

What possible answer could the president of the United States, Barack Obama, give a child who is unable to have all the required resources for its teaching because of the blockade, asked in a press conference, the director of the Central Institute of Pedagogical Sciences, Lizardo García.

Cubans continue to denounce the blockade

CUBA,  October 16, 2014. Cuban civil society, regional and international organizations based in the country repeated their demand that the U.S. government lift the economic, financial and commercial blockade imposed on the island. 

 During the Sixth Forum on the issue, held at the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, representatives called on President Barack Obama to end the illegal, unjust and genocidal policy, which constitutes one of the main obstacles to Cuba’s socio-economic development.

Cuban culture suffers under U.S. blockade

CUBA,  October 16, 2014. After more than half a century, the economic, financial and commercial blockade imposed by the U.S. on Cuba continues to affect and increasingly damages diverse spheres of national culture.  According to sources from the Ministry of Culture (Mincult), it is estimated that since April 2013 through March 2104 the blockade has caused damages to Cuban music, visual arts, literature, arts education and the film industry in excess of 22 million dollars.

US Blockade against Cuba Intensified under President Obama

CUBA,  October 9, 2014.  The US blockade against Cuba was intensified during president Barack Obama's administration with the increased persecution of financial institutions which have business relations with the island.

Andres Zaldivar, a researcher of the Center for the Study of Global Economy said in a video conference on the topic that the measures were part of the implementation of Obama's "smart power" policy.

U.S. Experts Push for Normalizing Relations with Cuba

CUBA,  October 9, 2014. U.S. experts on Wednesday recommended that their government begin to normalize relations with Cuba, eliminating some of the main elements of the economic embargo Washington imposed in 1962.

The complete prerogative of the U.S. administration to make such decisions was emphasized in a videoconference on the effects of the blockade on Cuba attended by experts from both Washington and Havana.

Videoconference Havana- Washington on the Blockade

Next October 8th, a videoconference between Havana and Washington DC, will be celebrated at 10:00am Cuban time. The damages caused by the blockade to the economic and financial spheres  will be the main issue to be discussed. Experts from both sides will attend the exchange.

Internet users will now be able to submit comments or questions related to the issues to be discussed at Cubavsblockade website


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