Zhuhai recognize the progress of Cuban tourism spite of the blockade

CHINA, September 24, 2014. Min Yun Tong, deputy director of the Bureau of Tourism, Culture and Sports of the city of Zhuhai, acknowledged the progress achieved by the Cuban tourism in spite of the effects of the blockade imposed by the US to our country.

During the visit by the Consul General, Felix Raúl Rojas, the Chinese official, received a comprehensive explanation of the effects of the blockade on the various sectors of society and the Cuban economy, especially in the tourism industry, the second of the Caribbean island. In this framework, Rojas explained how   has been an upsurge in the financial persecution, through the blockade that has forced some thirty of US entities to pay fines amounting to more than two billion. Also stated that the blockade prohibits American citizens, that constitute the critical mass of tourists to the Caribbean, to travel to Cuba in full violation of their fundamental rights.

During the exchange of experiences of the two officials, the Chinese leader explained the fundamental lines of tourism in the region, as well as the positive impact that will have the connection of Zhuhai with Macau and Hong Kong, not only through the bridge that must join these territories and will be completed in 2016, but because of the attraction will be the development of ecological tourism that they drive in the fields of the western part of the city.

Located in front of the Special Administrative Region of Macao, Zhuhai has received the last year 27 millions of visitors.

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