Resolution of the Central Committee of the Communist Party in Denmark (Kpid).

Who is the terrorist, the United States or Cuba?

The United States has again placed Cuba on the list (invented by themselves) of countries that do not cooperate against terrorism. This could result in an even tighter blockade and other attacks on Cuba.

The reason is that Cuba is currently hosting a peace negotiation delegation from the Colombian National Liberation Army, ELN, which was in peace negotiations with the former Colombian government under international protection. After the change of government in Colombia, Colombian representatives of the former guerrilla movement cannot travel back to their country without risking the worst retaliation from the current right-wing puppet government of the United States.

The fact that Cuba has long supported Colombia's peace talks does not mean that Cuba is a terrorist. On the contrary, terrorism is prohibited in the Cuban constitution.

Instead, the United States has participated in numerous terrorist activities around the world. The numerous assassination attempts against Fidel Castro are a well-known case, as is his evident support for the terrorist attacks by Cubans in exile against Cuba. On April 30, the Cuban embassy in Washington was the target of a terrorist attack, but the United States, which is obliged to protect foreign embassies in the country, has provided no explanation, let alone an apology. The list of United States terrorist attacks fought in the countless wars in Korea, Vietnam, Libya, Afghanistan, etc. is long.

Therefore, neither the peace-loving Cuban people nor its government are the terrorists, but the United States, which, with its dreams of superpower, carries all kinds of terrorist attacks in its bloody toolbox.

Communist Party in Denmark, KPiD

National Directorate on June 13, 2020  

(Taken from the Cuban Embassy to Denmark website)

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