Cuba is not alone

Blockade vs. Cuba Should Never Exist, Uruguayan Official Says at UN

UNITED NATIONS, October 19th, 2016.-  The Permanent Representative of Uruguay to the United Nations, Elbio Rosselli, stated today that the U.S. blockade on Cuba should never exist, and his country will reject it at the General Assembly on October 26.

'Unfortunately we have to come once again to vote against a measure that should never be applied,' Rosselli told Prensa Latina, on occasion of the voting next week on another draft resolution on the necessity of ending the economic, commercial and financial siege imposed to the island for more than 50 years.

French President Advocates the End of US Blockade against Cuba

PARIS, October 19th, 2016.-  French President Francois Hollande advocated the end of the US blockade against Cuba in statements released today by the Elysee Palace.

Hollande considered that this policy makes no sense nowadays.

Kuwait press highlights that the blockade obstructs Cuba -US relations

KUWAIT, October 11th, 2016.- The Kuwait Times newspaper and the weekly magazine The Times reproduced entirely exclusive interview to the website CubaVSBloqueo offered by the General Director for the United States at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Foreign Ministry) of the Republic of Cuba, Josefina Vidal, which addressed key elements of the permanence of the US Blockade and other aspects that affect the process of normalization of relations between Cuba and the United States.

Liberians Newspapers The New Dawn and Daily Observer echoed Cuba's struggle against the blockade

LIBERIA, October 4th, 2016-. In its editions of September 30 and October 3, Liberians daily The New Dawn and Daily Observer respectively, devoted a section of its pages to Cuba and its struggle against the blockade. Both publications socialized information transferred in a recent press conference by the Charge d'Affaires of Cuba in Liberia, Yordenis Despaigne Vera, on economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed for more than fifty years unilaterally by the government of the United States against Cuba.

Cuba can always count on Iraq’s support in its fight against the blockade

IRAN, October 4th, 2016 - The Ambassador of Cuba in Tehran and concurrent in Baghdad, Vladimir González Quesada, met with his Iraqi counterpart, Rageh Al-Musawi, to review the bilateral relations between the Island and the Arab nation.

The World is with Cuba and all Together Against the Blockade

CUBA, September 30, 2016. - The clearest definition of the unhealthy purposes of the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States against Cuba could be found as early as April 6, 1960.

Mexico supports Cuba against the blockade

MEXICO, September 29 th, 2016.-  Senators and members of the LXIII Legislature of the Mexican Congress have expressed today, in a public statement, their rejection of the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States against Cuba.

The President of Group of Mexico-Cuba Friendship of the House of Representatives, Congresswoman Maricela Contreras, read the document that highlights the relation which “shares history, solidarity, and fighting traditions.”

Persistent Blockade

BARBADOS, 28 de septiembre de 2016.- Since the announcements of the normalisation of US-Cuba relations, news of upscale fashion shows on the streets of Havana, droves of businesspersons eagerly descending to do business, the coming of Starbucks, and all of the other frivolous trappings of bourgeois society have been presented as full evidence of a new phase in Cuba-US relations.

Deputy Minister in Liberia: fighting against the blockade to Cuba is a matter of principles

LIBERIA, September 21st 2016.-The Deputy Minister for International Cooperation and Economic Integration of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Liberia, Mr. Dephue Zuo, received at his office the Chargé d'Affairs of Cuba, Yordenis Despaigne Vera. They were also present, for the Liberian side Mr. Sie-Teba Neuville, Director of American Affairs of the Foreign Ministry and Carmen Maury Toledo, Second Secretary of the Cuban diplomatic mission.

The Manifest newspaper demands the end of the U.S. blockade against Cuba

NETHERLANDS, September 21st, 2016.- The Manifest newspaper, the official organ of the New Communist Party of the Netherlands (NCPN), demands the end of the economic, financial and commercial blockade imposed by the U.S. against Cuba, as part of the world campaign held every year to demand the end of this unilateral system of sanctions.