Cuba is not alone

Yemeni Parliamentary Leader Condemns US Blockade against Cuba

YEMEN, March 26, 2014.- Yemeni Parliamentary leader Yahya Ali Al-Raee condemned the U.S. blockade on Cuba today, during an interview with Cuba''s ambassador David Paulovich.

The stance is based on the historic friendly relations between Yemen and Cuba, and their common position against U.S. imperialism, stated the legislator during a meeting, held in a friendly atmosphere, a diplomatic source revealed.

United States Blockade against Cuba condemned in Miami

CUBA, March 17, 2014.- Cuban-American organizations gathered in Miami, Florida, demanded the end of the commercial, economic and financial blockade the United States imposed against Cuba.

The Conference was sponsored by four organization who favor a betterment of the bilateral relations: Cuban Americans for Engagement (CAFÉ), the Foundation for the Normalizations of US-Cuba Relations, Cuban Change Generation, as well as Cuba Educational Travels.

Blockade against Cuba damages scientists work in Florida

CUBA, March 17, 2014.- Scientists from universities in Florida asserted last week that United States blockade against Cuba damages the sea investigations because it prohibits the trips to Cuba in order to contacts with their counterparts and strengthen the academic ties.

"Unfortunatelly, it's more difficult for us to work in Cuba than the rest of researchers from other states", expresed Donald Behringer, Assistant Professor at the School of Forest Resources and Assistant Professor at Conservation & Emerging Pathogens Institute at the University of Florida.

Yemen confirms its support for Cuba in the struggle against the blockade

YEMEN, March 4, 2014.-  Ambassador of Cuba in Yemen, David Paulovich was received by Ambassador Mrs. Noria A. Al-Hamami, Director of International Organizations in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Yemen. In a friendly atmosphere, Mrs. Al-Hamami recognized the excellent state of bilateral relations between the two countries and ratified Yemen support to the fight of Cuba against the U.S. blockade.

President of Cuban Parliament Stresses Mexico’s Permanent Support to Cuba

CUBA, February 24, 2014.- President of Cuban Parliament, Esteban Lazo, expressed Mexico has historically supported Cuba while he recalled the visit of Cuban National Hero Jose Marti to Mexico, as well as poet Jose Maria Heredia, Julio Antonio Mella, who was killed in that nation, Revolution Leader Fidel Castro and President Raúl Castro.

Speaking at the opening session of the Cuba-Mexico Interparliamentary meeting, celebrated in Mexico, Lazo said that the Mexican Parliament has played an important role in the development of bilateral relations.

Financial Times: Time for US policy change on Cuba

CUBA, February 24, 2014.- "Embargo is embarrassing, anachronistic and has failed", stated an editorial published by newspaper Financial Times on the United States policy of blockade against Cuba that has lasted more than a century. The article further expresses that "the moment has never been more propitious for fresh approach. (...) 90 miles away across the Florida straits, opposition to lifting the embargo is crumbling" and explains that "a poll by the Atlantic Council found that a majority of Americans and even Cuban-Americans favoured normalising relations.

Voices against U.S. Blockade

Most of the Americans took over half a century to promote a change in favor of the relations between their government and Cuba, as revealed reliable opinion polls conducted this week in the U.S. and in Florida, where lies the principal core of a decadent Cuban mafia.

And the fact that some main U.S. media, political figures from both parties in the system, entrepreneurs and academics recognize, as noted, that the blockade is "inefficient relic" is an achievement in a country whose governments have caused severe economic damage to Cuba through the blockade.

Greece Stresses Americans' Feeling vs. Blockade on Cuba

GREECE,  February 17, 2014.- Zougla, one of the most visited news websites in Greece, stresses today that most of U.S. citizens, according to surveys, want a change in their government''s policy towards Cuba. The information is illustrated by a vignette by Brazilian artist Carlos Latuff, in which President Barack Obama is seen with a riffle on his shoulder at a round of surveillance from the wall of a prison whose walls, painted with the flag of bars, stars, and the word Embargo, locked the island of Cuba.

United States Former Governor Criticizes Blockade against Cuba

WASHINGTON, February 10, 2014.- Former governor of Florida, Charlie Crist, amid a campaing to lead this state again, qualified the United States blockade against Cuba as a "ineffective relic" and made an appeal to end this policy. The Democrat expressed in a press release that this coersive measure did not achieve anything during its 50 years of existence and it is time to lift it.