Cuba is not alone

Cuban blockade is more inhumane in time of Covid-19, French lawmaker says

The inhumane nature of the US blockade against Cuba increases in times of the novel SARS-Cov2 coronavirus, French parliamentary leader Andre Chassaigne denounced on Wednesday.

Interviewed by Prensa Latina, Chassaigne, who is also a lawmaker from the central department of Puy-de-Dome, warned that Washington's position is scandalous and ignoble, in a scenario of global concern, which should be marked by solidarity and cooperation.

The fight against COVID-19 calls for a halt to the US blockade against Cuba


The blockade prevents the purchase of medicines, equipment and materials needed to combat the pandemic, and it makes it difficult for Cuba to borrow and receive international aid. For example a Western aircraft with medical personal protective equipment from China was prevented from delivering to Cuba. The United States dominates the manufacture of many medical devices in the world. Cuba's purchase of respirators was stopped when the two manufacturing companies in Switzerland were purchased by a US company. The humanitarian catastrophe of the pandemic is drastically exacerbated by the blockade and the sanctions that Cuba faces. These are now more extensive, harder and applied more strictly than ever during the 60 years that the country has been exposed to the hostile blockade of the superpower. It is an inhuman punishment of 11 million people. In addition, the sanctions complicate Cuba's international medical assistance, which is now also in demand by European countries such as Italy and Andorra.

Costa Rica: Colombian Government's figurehead role regretted

The Costa Rican Cuba Solidarity Committee (CCSC) described as very regrettable the figurehead role played by the Colombian Government of Ivan Duque regarding the aggressive policies implemented by the Trump Administration against Cuba.

Venezuela condemns new US Government's aggression against Cuba

The Government of Venezuela on Thursday rejected a new aggression by the US administration of Donald Trump against Cuba, after seven companies from the Caribbean island were included in the unilateral list of Cuban Entities Restricted by the Department of State.

Solidarity Movement in Liberia supports Cuba's position.

The Liberia-Cuba Friendship Group sent to our Embassy in Monrovia a Declaration of support for Cuba's position expressed through the statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cuba entitled "Cuba condemns terrorism and political manipulation".

New Peru Movement condemns U.S. escalation against Cuba

Peruvian political leader Alvaro Campana declared that the inclusion of Cuba on a list of countries that do not cooperate with the fight against terrorism is part of an escalation by the United States against Latin America.

French association Cuba Linda rejects U.S. campaign against Cuba

The French solidarity association Cuba Linda condemned the decision of the United States to include Cuba, under false arguments, on its list of countries it accuses of not cooperating fully with anti-terrorist efforts.

Djibouti members of parliament reject U.S. blockade against Cuba

The Djibouti-Cuba Parliamentary Friendship Group reiterated its solidarity with Cuba, issuing an official statement where it calls for collaboration against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dominican reporters condemn inclusion of Cuba in US terrorism list

The president of the Dominican Union of Journalists for Peace, Juan Pablo Acosta, condemned this Thursday the inclusion of Cuba in the US unilateral list of countries that do not cooperate against terrorism.

Italian senators present motion against blockade of Cuba

A group of nine Italian senators presented a motion that commits the government to promote in all forums the lifting of the U.S. blockade against Cuba.