Cuba is not alone

Vietnam supports ending US blockade against Cuba

UNITED NATIONS, NEW YORK, September 29, 2014.Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Pham Binh Minh delivered a statement at the General Debate of the 69th session of the UN General Assembly in New York on September 27. On behalf of the Vietnamese government, Minh expressed: “We call for an end to unilateral economic sanctions against developing countries and support UNGA resolutions on ending the embargo against Cuba”.

The traditional Vietnamese position against the economic, commercial and financial US blockade was reproduced by Vietnamese Mass Media.

Resounding Condemnation at UN of US Blockade Against Cuba

United Nations, September 25, 2014.  Leaders of Latin America, Africa and Asia expressed their rejection at the UN against the economic, commercial and financial blockade of the United States against Cuba, positions that were mentioned as part of the high-level discussions at the General Assembly.

During the plenary of the 193 UN members, the president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, the siege imposed by Washington against Cuba for more than half a century a Cold War anachronism.

Colombian President says Washington Should Lift its Failed Blockade of Cuba

CUBA, September 24, 2014. Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos said that he hopes that the United States and Cuba may get to working relations that lead to the lifting of the US blockade of the island, which in his opinion has failed.

Santos made his statements during a speech at the Harvard Club in New York before entrepreneurs and professors, where he also referred to the improvement of bilateral relations between Bogota and Caracas by saying that despite political differences the well being of the region is what prevailed, international media outlets reported on Wednesday.

Blockade of Cuba Must End, Says Russian Trade Union Leader

RUSSIA, September 22, 2014. Russia''s Trade Union of Nuclear Industry Workers condemns all unilateral sanctions, particularly the US unjust economic, commercial and financial blockade of Cuba, a leader of that organization said.

Union Vice President Yuri Borisov told Prensa Latina that his organization opposes that reprisal that Washington has maintained for over 50 years.

Coalition forming to end embargo with Cuba

UNITED STATES,  September 17, 2014. Prominent members of the U.S. food and agriculture community, including the American Soybean Association, agreed to officially form a national coalition to address liberalizing trade between the United States and Cuba. The members of the coalition believe that it is time to end the embargo and allow open trade and investment to happen.

El Salvador Condemns US Blockade to Cuba

EL SALVADOR, September 15, 2014.  Foreign Minister Hugo Martinez said today that the government of Salvador Sanchez Ceren condemns economic, financial and commercial blockade imposed by the United States unilaterally to Cuba.

Interviewed by Prensa Latina, Martínez stated that such unilateral action is against all international treaties and conventions.

"We believe it is an anachronistic measure and all countries of the world must speak because it terminates as soon as possible," noted the Foreign Minister.

US Cuba Policy Clumsy, Unfocused, Says Ecuadorian Scholar

ECUADOR, August 20th, 2014.- Ecuadorian intellectual Juan Paz y Miño said today that U.S. policy towards Cuba is increasingly clumsy, backward, and unfocused, as evidenced in the program to promote subversion by infiltrating young Latin Americans from outside Cuba into the country.
"The U.S. government and its military-industrial apparatus fail to understand that the world has changed and its actions against Cuba are clumsy, backward, and unfocused. So they push a program like that to try to promote subversion using foreign youth," Paz y Miño told Prensa Latina.

Correa Calls US Blockade of Cuba Outrage against Rights

Guatemala, August 20th, 2014.- Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa called the economic, financial and trade blockade of Cuba, maintained by the United States for more than 50 years, as the worst outrage against the human rights, the international and inter-American law.
Giving a masterly lecture in the 5th Forum of Esquipulas, the Ecuadorian president said the blockade openly does not comply with the OAS foundation chart, and recalled that he himself has been condemned 22 consecutive times at the United Nations.

Sao Paulo Forum to Demand End of U.S. Blockade on Cuba

BOLIVIA, August 19th,2014.  – The Sao Paulo Forum to take place in Bolivia next week will request the U.S. to lift at once the economic, financial and trade blockade on Cuba, official sources said Monday.
The vice minister of Coordination with Social Movements, Alfredo Rada, told Patria Nueva Radio that this is one of the main topics of the international event taking place on August 25-29.

US legislators slam USAID subversive against Cuba

UNITED STATES,  August 6, 2014. United States health activists and legislators criticized the government plan to use a campaign against HIV in Cuba por political purposes, stating that these projects pose a threat to the health programs all over the world. Senator Patrick Leahy, head of the commission that supervises USAID budget, stated last Monday that  it would be "worse than irresponsible" if the agency used an HIV campaign with political purposes.