Yemenis graduates in Cuba condemn US blockade against Cuba

YEMEN, November 1, 2014. The Association of Yemeni graduates in Cuba condemned the unjust blockade imposed by the United States against our country in the activity in Cuba Embassy in Sana’a occasion of the UN vote Cuban resolution demands the end of the blockade.

The vice president of the Association of Graduate Yemeni Cuba, Dr. Shawqi Mohamd Noman Mohamd read a statement in which the gratitude of all graduates with the Cuban people and the revolutionary government of the training they received in Cuba are expressed. They also demanded the US government to end the blockade and the cessation of subversive policy against Cuba.

In message of graduates is also seen the solidarity in the case of Cuban Five, and demanding President Barack Obama the immediate release of three Cuban antiterrorist who are still imprisoned in US jails.

For his part, President of the Association, Dr. Abdu Saad Naji Muthana highlighted the significant progress of Cuba in the areas of education, health, social services, defense and others, despite the blockade. It also stressed the solidarity and selfless help Cuba with all countries, especially those in the Third World.

Once again it is demonstrated the love, respect and admiration of Yemeni graduates to Cuba which they considers his second home.

 CubavsBloqueo/Embacuba Yemen

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