Plant tree against the blockade at the Embassy of Cuba in Ghana

GHANA, 25th May, 2018.- During the commemoration of the 55th Anniversary of the African Day held at the Embassy of Cuba, the participants took part in the planting ceremony of a palm.

The tree was planted jointly by the Ambassador of Cuba, Pedro Luis Despaigne González, Mr. Michael Olusegun Olusanya, initiator of the project, and a group of participants to the event.

The planting of the tree in the courtyard of the Cuban Mission was promoted by the Nigerian resident in Ghana, Michael Olusegun Olusanya, who during his presence in Cuba integrating the 13th May Day International Brigade, committed himself to intensify in Ghana and throughout the world, awareness-raising work on the need to put an end to the genocidal blockade that impacts on all spheres of life and activity of the Cuban people. As part of that Campaign, two million trees will be planted throughout the world.

In his words of presentation, the young Nigerian thanked the Embassy for its support, and argued that the trees that will be planted will help to root a just struggle against the criminal blockade that the Cuban people have suffered for more than fifty years.

That solidarity Campaign against the blockade will have its expression in social media through the hashtag #EndTheBlockade. (Cubaminrex-Embacuba Ghana)

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