Over 16,000 people support UK call to lift US blockade against Cuba

London, May 13. Over 16.000 people have signed an open letter circulating across the United Kingdom demanding the lifting of the US blockade against Cuba, and also helping the nation to fight Covid-19.

Cuba has been in solidarity with the UK and with other nations amid this global pandemic. This is our opportunity to prove our gratitude, according to the Campaign of Solidarity with Cuba (CSC).

The campaign highlights, in particular, that despite Washington's growing hostility and its attempts to stifle the Cuban economy, Havana have been sending medical brigades to about twenty nations, including Italy.

It also recalled that in mid-March, Cuba helped to repatriate UK passengers from a British cruise ship (with several Covid-19 passengers on board) to the United Kingdom, after other regional governments including the United States, refused to aid.

(Taken from Prensa Latina)

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