Letter sent to the president of the United States of America Donald Trump asking for the interruption of blockade policy against Cuba

Dear Mr. Donald Trump,

Today the planet faces a powerful and invisible enemy, which affects everyone equally, without distinction of any kind. However, confronting this pandemic caused by COVID-19 is even more difficult in those countries to which economic sanctions are applied.

That is the case of Cuba, a country that has been blocked for 60 years by 12 US administrations that have not achieved until this date their purpose of overthrowing the Cuban governments. You know perfectly well that it is impossible that the imposed blockade and the measures adopted to intensify it exclusively harm the Government. It is time to recognize that the population is affected, multiplying the daily hardships, needs and deprivations in the midst of the expansion of the new coronavirus.

Mr. President, it is not fair to deprive Cuba of the purchase of medical supplies and technologies, just because they have more than 10% American components. 11 million Cubans are affected by the persecution of shipping companies, ship owners and insurers that transport fuels to the Caribbean country. We are talking about fuel to light hospitals and homes, move ambulances, produce food … It is inconceivable that in the midst of this global health crisis, the arrival in Cuba of masks, diagnostic kits, artificial respirators, and lung ventilators is made difficult.

The blockade policy is cruel under normal conditions and in the midst of this epidemic, it constitutes a crime that you have the ability to avoid. Under the false pretext of punishing the Government, the human rights of an entire people are violated. Lifting sanctions against Cuba is a humanitarian matter.

We are not asking you to do anything extraordinary, only to apply common sense and goodwill to alleviate the suffering and hardships of a people who has only known how to show its solidarity, sending medical brigades to around twenty countries to contribute to the confrontation with this pandemic, in places where its help has been requested.

The actions that global leaders take today to respond to this global crisis will be recorded in the history of humanity. You have only two options: to follow the well-trodden and unsuccessful path of your predecessors or to lift sanctions as a humanitarian gesture towards the Cuban people, at the time when they need it most.


Heinz Bierbaum
President of the Party of the European Left

Maite Mola
First Vice-President of the Party of the European Left

(Tomado de European Left)

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