Jamaica Association of Solidarity with Cuba condemns US blockade

KINGSTON, December 15th, 2015.- Jamaica Association of Solidarity with Cuba adopted a resolution that condemns the policy of blockade imposed by the United States government against Cuba, despite the 23 consecutive years during which the international community has expressed is rejection at United Nations.

The document acknowledges that this policy is outdated and senseless, even more during the current scenario, where United States and Cuba has begun a process toward the normalization of the bilateral relation.

It also highlights the position of principles maintained by the Government of Cuba that will not consider normal relations without the elimination of the blockade.
Likewise, the resolution details the damages caused to the Cuban people and economy which amounts more than 833 billion US dollars and states the necessity to eliminate such a policy against a nation like Cuba that stands as a true hero of solidarity and champions for the defence of the values humankind needs to guarantee the survival of the human species.

In spite the blockade is considered a failed policy and morally unsustainable, it has not managed to diminish the will of the Cuban people to choose and defend its own political system.

The resolution, adopted last Sunday, December 6th, concludes with an appeal to President Barack Obama to end the criminal policy  that, according to item C or Article 11 of the Geneva Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide Crimes, 1948, classifies it as an act of genocide and a crime to the international law. (CubaMinrex/ Embacuba Jamaica)

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