Illinois Corn Association Urges President Barack Obama to Increase Commerce with Cuba

CUBA,  May 13, 2014. The Association of Corn Growers of Illinois requested that President Barack Obama increases the commerce opportunities  between United States and Cuba.

In a communiqué, the organization, based in Bloomington, says that Cuba's location represents "an excellent opportunity for food and consumer products of Illinois." This is because the country is located very close to the commercial ports of the southern part of the United States. But corn growers say that federal restrictions on financial transactions with Cuba are making business difficult.

The president of the association, Gary Hudson, points out that Illinois is the country's sixth state losing more business opportunities due to financial and travel restrictions.

The association is part of the Cuba-Illinois Work Group, the General Assembly of which was created in 2013. Among other questions, the organization is asking Obama to establish an agriculture trade office in Cuba.


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