Deputy Speaker of the Gambian Parliament reiterated support to Cuba´s struggle against the blockade

GAMBIA, November 14, 2015- The Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly of The Gambia, Fatou Mbye, reiterated the Gambian Parliament's support to Cuban struggle against the blockade and congratulated Cuba for the successful result obtained en the last vote of the Cuban resolution at the General Assembly of the United Nations.

Addressing the historic victory, Cuban Ambassador referred to the latest sanctions adopted by the US government against foreign financial entities for doing business with Cuba, which demonstrate the persistence of the criminal blockade despite the change of policy announced by President Obama.
The diplomat thanked the support of The Gambia to the Cuban resolution.

During the Exchange that took place in the course of the fraternal meeting, both parties also reiterated the mutual interest in further strengthening the ties of cooperation and friendship between the two brother countries and parliaments. (Cubavsbloqueo/ Embacuba Gambia)

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