Cuban ambassador participates in the “COVID-19: Internationalist response to the pandemic under Blockade” event

In a virtual meeting held Sunday evening, organized by the Cuba Solidarity Campaign in Manchester, the Cuban Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Bárbara Elena Montalvo Alvarez, made a presentation on Cuba’s fight against COVID 19 and its internationalist response under the blockade imposed by the United States.

Montalvo explained the strategy followed by Cuba to face the pandemic. “Our protocol is aimed at preventing the patient from turning into a serious condition. That strategy has been successful because Cuba has a public health care system accessible for all, with prevention and primary care set as the main priorities.” Likewise, Montalvo highlighted the experience accumulated in Cuba’s disaster prevention and handling plans. “There was an immediate risk perception and a national plan to fight COVID-19 was adopted when the virus had still not been detected in the country.”

The Ambassador highlighted the important role of Science and Technology in the country: “It is impossible to speak of the participation of Cuban scientists in this battle and not to remember how much we owe to Fidel. It was Fidel who conceived and stimulated the development of Biotechnology, Genetic Engineering, and Sciences in general in Cuba, based on the principle that our main natural resource was the human capital. Fidel noted that one day the country's biotechnological development would contribute to the development of the nation, to the safeguarding of our population and to a better fulfillment of our internationalist duty,” as it has been seen.

Referring to the impact of the United States blockade under present circumstances, the Ambassador described the permanent escalation in the open hostility policy towards Cuba since the beginning of this new Administration, and the unjustified and illegal persecution of the Cuban international medical collaboration.

“We have responded to cooperation requests without hesitance, without considering political coincidences or economic advantages.  So far, 37 brigades of healthcare professionals have been sent to join the national and local efforts of 31 countries, including British territories of Anguilla and Turks and Caicos Islands. This adds to the 28 000 professionals already working in 59 nations that have now joined efforts to combat COVID 19. Montalvo also stressed that Cuba has shared medical products produced in the country.

“But, for the United States, it is unacceptable that Cuba has such a powerful health system capable not only of ensuring the health care for its population, but also of providing international medical cooperation to millions of people around the world. “All this is done by a government that is not capable of providing health care services to tens of millions of its inhabitants, despite being the richest and most powerful nation in the world”, she added.

The Ambassador concluded by thanking the collaboration and support that Cuba receives from many countries, personalities, institutions, movements such as the Cuba Solidarity Campaign in the United Kingdom, and Cubans living abroad in times that demand unity and mutual aid, instead of blockades and aggression.

(CubavsBloqueo | Embassy of Cuba to the UK)

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