Belgium rejects blockade against Cuba in new campaign

Brussels, Jul 31.- The 'Oxigeno para Cuba' (Oxygen for Cuba) campaign motivates that Belgian citizens repudiate the US blockade against the island, after testimonies from victims of that policy were heard, Wim Leysens, one of the promoters of the initiative, said.

Leysens is also a representative of the Belgian coordinating committee against the blockade to Cuba, a movement that launched the campaign in late April. He told Prensa Latina that the feelings of his compatriots range from compassion to solidarity and condemnation.

'Oxigeno para Cuba' gives voice to Cuban inhabitants through videos, in which they tell their experiences under a Washington-imposed economic, commercial and financial siege for 60 years, tightened by the current administration, even in times of Covid-19.

More than 100 messages have been posted on the website That figure, which could seem little, have to be in mind as this is a request not for signature, but to express a written opinion, which implies a higher commitment, Leysens explained.

According to the activist of solidarity with the island, the campaign can be considered a success and will continue until a new resolution on the need to end the US blockade is voted on at UN General Assembly.

This week, Cuban Deputy Foreign Minister Anayansi Rodriguez pointed out that facing the global impact of the pandemic, and particularly in the United States, the presentation and consideration of the draft resolution calling to end the siege was postponed for May 2021. This text is similar to that strongly supported at the Assembly since 1992.

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