African Union adopts resolution on the Blockade

Addis Abeba, 12 February, 2019.- The Heads of State and Government participating at the XXXII Ordinary Session of the Asembly of the African Union (AU) adopted  for the tenth consecutive ocassion, a resolution against the blockade to Cuba entitled “Resolution on the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed to the REpublic of Cuba by the United States of America".

The document reiterates the strong support of the African Union member States to the resolution adopted the the United Nations Organization last November, which had 189 votes in favour and rejected the amendments proposed by the United States.

The resolution adopted the organization qualifies the blockade as an unjustified measure and called the Government of the United States to end it, while it regrets the reversal on the bilateral relations between Cuba and the United States.

For the first time, the African Union resolution acknowledges that the US blockade against Cuba "(...) is the main obstacle to the implementation in Cuba of the United Nations agenda 2030", a programme to favour the economic development, to strengthen the peace and guarantee the access to justice to all citizens.

The 55 member States reasserted the solidarity with the Cuban people, a proclamation that summarizes the historic and unanimous support of the African nations with Cuba at different interantional scenarios.

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