South African graduates in Cuba condemn the cruel policy of blockade

At the First National Meeting of South African Graduated in Cuba, held at the historic site that treasures the names of Cubans fallen in the struggles for the liberation of Africa, Freedom Park, the South African alumni adopted a strong statement expressing their solidarity with the Cuban Revolution and the firm rejection to the policy of blockade that the government of the United States applies against our country.

Bolivian Ambassador to Havana Highlights Condemnation to Blockade

CUBA, Nov 2, 2018.-  Bolivia''s ambassador in Cuba, Juan Ramon Quintana, said on Friday that the ''overwhelming'' condemnation in the United Nations of the U.S. blockade against his country is a triumph of free peoples.

Cuba is Focused on Resisting U.S. Blockade

CUBA, Nov 2, 2018.- After a smashing victory at the United Nations, Cuba awakened today again focused on resisting the blockade imposed by the United States, standing despite a massive rejection in the top international organization.

Once again the international community demands the end of the blockade against Cuba

The UN General Assembly almost unanimously adopted this Thursday, 1 November for the twenty-seventh consecutive year, the resolution demanding the lifting of the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by United States against Cuba for almost 60 years.

President of South Africa expresses the support of his government to Cuba in its fight against the blockade

SOUTH AFRICA, Oct 31, 2018.- The President of the country, Ciryl Ramaphosa, issued a statement in which he expresses his country's support to Cuba, before the vote in the UN General Assembly on the resolution, which calls for an end to the economic blockade imposed by the United States of America against our country.

Blockade to Cuba Isolates United States at UN

UNITED NATIONS, Oct 31, 2018.- The international community demonstrated on Wednesday at the UN, for the umpteenth time, its rejection of the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States against Cuba for almost six decades.

Parliament of Jamaica adopts new resolution against US blockade

JAMAICA, 31st October, 2018.- The Parliament of Jamaica adopted unanimously and for the tenth consecutive occasion, a resolution to reject the criminal blockade the United States has imposed to Cuba during almost six decades.

Communist Party of South Africa condemns hostile US escalation to Cuba

SOUTH AFRICA, Oct 31, 2018.- The Communist Party of South Africa, a party that is part of the Alliance of Government in the country, issued today, one day before the United Nations vote on the resolution calling for an end to the economic and commercial blockade imposed by the United States.

China Opposes Unilateral Measures as Blockade to Cuba

CHINA, Oct 30, 2018.- China maintains its position of deep rejection to the imposition of unilateral sanctions in economic, political or economic terms, such as the U.S. blockade against Cuba for more than 50 years.

NEHAWU calls for an immediate end of the illegal blockade by the USA on Cuba

The National Education, Health and Allied Workers' Union [NEHAWU] calls for an immediate end to the illegal blockade by the United State of America [USA] on Cuba. The blockade has been in place since 19th October 1960 almost two years after the Cuban Revolution that led to the deposition of the Fulgencio Batista dictatorial regime. The blockade is an illegal commercial, economic, and financial embargo that has been in existence for the past 59 years.