Cuba denounces

The Economic Blockade Hinders Cuba-US Relations

UNITED STATES, October 25 2016.- The economic, commercial and financial blockade of the US against Cuba is the main obstacle for the normalization of relations between Havana and Washington, said the Cuban Ambassador José Ramón Cabañas. (Audio)

Cuban Foreign Minister in New York for UN Vote Against Blockade

UNITED NATIONS, October 24, 2016.- Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez is in New York for a new vote in the UN General Assembly on the need to lift the US blockade against Cuba.

Avispero Against Blockade at the CUJAE

CUBA, October 24, 2016.- Last Friday, university students and teachers gathered together at the José Antonio Echeverría Higher Polytechnic Institute of Havana (CUJAE) to continue saying Not to the Blockade, as happened last October 17 at the University of Havana.

The clamor of the students who protest against the blockade saying slogans like: «Obama, lift the blockade! or Down with the Blockade! was heard during the event, held at the staircase of this university,

Condemnation to the blockade of the US Government against Cuba in Guyana

GUYANA, October 21st, 2016.- Local mass media provided coverage to the press conference by the Cuban Ambassador to the country, Julio César González Marchante, on the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed on the Cuban people by the US Government for more than five decades, and the resolution on this regard that Cuba will present to claim and end to this policy next October 26th, 2016, in the framework of the 71st Period of Session of the United Nations General Assembly.

The Blockade is Still in Force and Affecting the Cuban People

CUBA, October 21, 2016.- The Deputy Minister of Foreign Relations of Cuba Abelardo Moreno has addressed today, before representatives of the national and foreign press, the key elements of the draft resolution 70/5 that Cuba will present on Wednesday, October 26th  at the UN General Assembly, entitled “Necessity of Ending the Economic, Commercial and Financial Blockade Imposed by the United States of America Against Cuba. ”

The small print of Obama’s presidential policy directive on Cuba

CUBA, October 20 th, 2016.-  After decades of secret documents concealing sabotage and destabilization plans, Barack Obama’s new presidential policy directive on Cuba was publicly unveiled on Friday, October 14.

Cuba Denounces Effects of the Blockade at the UN

UNITED NATIONS, October 19, 2016.- In a press release circulated here, the diplomatic mission described as positive the sixth package of measures issued by the White House, but insisted on its "very limited nature".

Because it’s a directive that seeks to open transactions already authorized in previous packages, keeping the ban on US investment in Cuba, except in the sector of telecommunications, the narrow limitation of US exports and the restrictions on imports from Cuba, the text warned.

Cuban Ambassador to Ghana presents the Report against the blockade

GHANA, October 12th, 2016.- The Ambassador of Cuba to Ghana, Mr. Pedro Luis González Despaigne, Cuba presented in Accra the report of Cuba on the 70/5 resolution of the General Assembly of the Organization of United Nations (UN), entitled "Necessity of ending the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States of America against Cuba", which will be put again to consideration of the UN main body in 26th October.

Cuba denounced the US blockade and unilateral, coercive measures it implies

GENEVA, October 6th, 2016.- At the Expert Meeting on Non-tariff Measures (NTMs) and Productivity celebrated at the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), the Cuban delegation denounced the unilateral coercive measures as non-tariff barriers that have a negative and significant  impact on trade.

Swarm vs Blockade: the Murmur of the Beehive

CUBA, October 18, 2016. –The Cuban youth and the Cuban civil society expressed their rejection of the US blockade against Cuba in a huge "swarm," that took place during the meeting held at the University of Havana, where the "rumor of the hive," as once the Cuban Chancellor of Dignity Raul Roa said, was also felt.

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