Cuba denounces

Raul Castro: blockade is the main obstacle to our country’s economic development

Esteemed heads of State and Government, Distinguished heads of delegations,  Mister Secretary General of the United Nations, Mister President,  The current instability prevailing in numerous regions of the world has its roots in the pervasive underdevelopment afflicting two-thirds of the world population.    Fifteen years after the adoption of the Millennium Development Goals progress is insufficient and unevenly distributed. In many cases, unacceptable levels of poverty and social inequality persist and even aggravate including the industrial nations.

US continues to encourage illegal departures from Cuba despite thaw

CUBA,  June 2, 2015. Despite current efforts towards the future normalization of bilateral relations between the United States and Cuba, the US´s dry-wet feet law continues to encourage dangerous and illegal departures of Cuban citizens to the US.

International agencies reported on Thursday that the US Coast Guard rescued 13 Cubans who illegally tried to make it to American coasts onboard a precarious raft, which adds to others intercepted this year by the US coastal service.

Lawsuit against the United States for financial damages

ON May 5, 2000, the Civil and Administrative Court of Law at the Havana Provincial People’s Court rendered Judgment no.47 on Civil Case number 1, pursuant to the lawsuit of the People of Cuba vs. the Government of the United States, for financial damages inflicted on Cuba, filed by the country’s social and mass organizations.[i]

Cuba will come off the terrorist list, but the blockade will remain intact

ON April 14, President Barack Obama notified the U.S. Congress of his decision to remove Cuba from the list of state sponsors of terrorism. From that date, the government must allow a period of 45 days for Congressional and public comment, before Cuba’s removal from the list becomes effective.

The blockade against Cuba must be unconditionally lifted

NEW ZEALAND, March 2, 2015. During her working visit to the New Zealand city of Nelson last week, Cuban Ambassador Maria del Carmen Herrera Caseiro delivered a presentation on the Cuba-US relations, particularly on their recent evolution following the announcement of the decision regarding the restoration of diplomatic ties between the two countries.

What Obama can do to substantially modify the implementation of the blockade against Cuba

Author: Ariadna Cornelio Hitchman, Gretter Alfonso Guzmán

Though the United States Congress is the authorized body to decree the end of the blockade against Cuba, this can be preceded by the dismantling of most of the restrictions embodied in this policy through executive orders of the President. 

Cuban Ambassador to The Bahamas stresses that the blockade against Cuba is still in force

Nassau, February 9th, 2015.The Ambassador of Cuba to The Bahamas, Ernesto Soberón Guzmán attended as a special guest the program of the National Radio "Drive Time Talk" where he had the opportunity to exchange for about an hour and a half with his host, Bahamian journalist, Phillippa ¨Lady¨ Russell.

U.S. Eases Trade and Travel Restrictions on Cuba

UNITED STATES, January 16, 2015. The Barack Obama administration on Thursday announced the details of new regulations that will ease travel and trade restrictions with Cuba as part of President Obama's bid to normalize relations with Cuba for the first time in a half century. The rules, announced by the Treasury and Commerce departments, will take effect on Friday, the Hill newspaper reported.