Cuba denounces

The blockade is more than the Helms-Burton and the Helms-Burton is more than Title III

Members of Cuban civil society, intellectuals, journalists, and students gathered in Havana, in a public hearing convened by the Association of Cuban Jurists and the Cuban United Nations Association to discuss the activation of the Helms-Burton Act’s Title III, a law that violates the principle of sovereignty, and seeks to destroy our nation and subordinate it to the power of a foreign government.

US Government ´s new hostile measures against Cuba despite international rejection

The Trump administration is imposing another hostile measure against Cuba by applying Title III of the Helms-Burton Law, despite rejection in the US and the international community. Ignoring calls from US political and business sectors and Washington's traditional allies, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo his administration would stop suspending the application of the controversial article as of May 2.

Cuba denounces Blockade as an obstacle to its right to development

Cuba said at the United Nations in Geneva that the blockade imposed by the US the main obstacle to the right to development. 'This genocidal policy, which has been applied against our country for nearly 60 years, is also a flagrant violation of the Cuban people's human rights,' Cuban Ambassador Pedro Luis Pedroso said at the 20th session of the Intergovernmental Working Group on the Right to Development.

Cubans have confidence in the power of the truth, of law and justice

During a press conference, Cuba’s Foreign Minister, Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla, denounced the U.S. State Department, which, he noted, “is busy in dozens of capitals around the world mobilizing efforts to economically attack Cuba".

Cuba denounces at UN Strengthening of United States blockade

Cuba's Alternate Permanent Representative to the UN denounced at the General Assembly the strengthening of the US blockade and its new unilateral sanctions. "The blockade is not only maintained, but is reinforced by Washington's recent decision to allow lawsuits be filed in US courts against individuals and companies outside the jurisdiction of the United States".

Let’s talk Cuban about the Helms-Burton

The Cuban Liberty and Democratic Solidarity Act is a vengeful monstrosity that is aimed at breaking the soul of Cuba, through whatever bloodletting is needed, causing an immense shock to leave us prostrate forever. The goal is the extermination of a nation.

President Díaz-Canel: Helms-Burton Act reinforces economic siege against Cuba

Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel said on Saturday at the People''s Power National Assembly that the Helms-Burton Act reinforces the economic siege against the Caribbean island. "Washington is trying to activate that law aimed at taking us back to the beginning of history when we were a slave nation of an empire", Diaz-Canel underlined at the extraordinary session of the Cuban Parliament.

Cuban Parliament adopts declaration condemning Helms-Burton Act

The People''s Power National Assembly condemned the hostile policy by the Government of the United States against the Caribbean island and the Helms-Burton Act, a genocidal extraterritorial project against the Cuban people.

Cuba Calls Helms-Burton Act an Obstacle in Ties with United States

The Helms-Burton Act represents a strong obstacle to any attempt to improve relations between Cuba and the United States, warned a high-ranking official of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs during a parliamentary session on Thursday.

Cuba denounces impact of US Blockade at UNESCO

Cuba's representative before the UNESCO Executive Council, Oscar Leon, denounced the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States. According to a communiqué, the Cuban official pointed out that it is 'the most unfair, severe and longest system of unilateral sanctions that has been enforced on any country'.