US sanctions against Cuba violate US citizens' rights


Havana, Sep 23, 2020.- The director general for the United States of the Cuban Foreign Ministry, Carlos Fernandez de Cossio, assured that the sanctions announced on Wednesday by US against the country violate the rights of US citizens.

On Twitter, Fernandez de Cossio pointed out that the new US aggression measure further restricts the rights of Americans, who from September 24 will not be able to stay in places of their choice in Cuba or import rum and tobacco.

The diplomat also noted that those sanctions express the frustration of the Trump government in the face of the strength shown by the Cuban Revolution despite the brutal US economic war to which it is subjected.

Regulations issued by the US Department of Treasury prohibit imports of Cuban rum and tobacco into the US, as well as lodging on the island in hotels or properties controlled by the government, State officials or the Communist Party and their close relatives.

Under those provisions, travel and tourism companies subject to US jurisdiction will not be able to make reservations at facilities whose names will appear on a new list created by the US Department of State.

The US Department of Treasury also eliminated a general authorization policy for the participation or arrangement of conferences, seminars, exhibitions and sporting events.

Starting on Thursday, citizens, residents, and companies subject to US law must request a specific authorization or license for those activities.


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