US blockade against Cuba grows amid the Covid-19 pandemic

Havana, Jul 7, 2020.- The US does not skimp on means to stop Cuba's development by imposing unilateral measures of extraterritorial blockade, the country's Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MINREX) denounced on Tuesday.

So far in 2020, a period marked by the Covid-19 pandemic as well as a strengthening of calls to end the US economic and commercial blockade against Cuba, Washington applied another eleven regulations, noted the deputy director for the United States of MINREX, Johana Tablada.

With those restrictions, the White House obstructed banking operations and limited the arrival in this country of medical supplies, fuel, donations and other commercial transactions, Tablada pointed out.

The official also referred to a message recently sent by US Senator Marco Rubio, in which he offers 'encouragement to those who live on Cuba in the midst of this crisis due to the novel coronavirus.'

According to Tablada, Rubio's words constitute a symbol of hypocrisy for the politician who most contributes to the US coercive measures of the blockade.

Rubio is more than aware that with each such guideline, the economy slows down and the livelihood of eleven million Cubans is taken away, she highlighted.

In her message, the diplomat insisted that in 2019 just 86 actions of bilateral blockade were registered.

 (Cubavsbloqueo-Prensa Latina)

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