US attempts to prevent Cuba's medical cooperation rejected

Havana, July 17, 2020.- Cuban diplomat Carlos Fernandez de Cossio on Thursday strongly rejected constant US attempts to hamper Cuba's medical cooperation to fight the Covid-19 pandemic in other nations.

While the US government seems unwilling or unable to protect its citizens from the Covid-19, it finds time and commits resources to threaten countries that request Cuba's medical cooperation in their legitimate fight against the pandemic, he live-tweeted.

The claims of Carlos Fernandez de Cossio, director general for the United States Department of the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Relations, was also supported by the alternate permanent Cuban Representative to the United Nations, Ana Silvia Rodriguez.

Access to health is a human right and 'Cuba contributes to the enjoyment of this right #CubaSalvaVidas,' she said.

All Cuban health workers who traveled as part of a mission to fight and control Covid-19 did so at the express request of the authorities of the countries where they were offering their services, as well as those who were already providing medical assistance to fight the pandemic, Rodriguez noted.

Almost since the beginning of the pandemic, Washington has been campaigning against Cuban medical collaboration and trying to discredit the Cuban authorities and health professionals´ efforts to fight Covid-19.

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez accused the United States of criminalizing the international cooperation provided by Cuba to fight the Covid-19 pandemic.

Cuba does it for political reasons, he stressed, since the White House is oblivious to humanism and solidarity: the United States government does not pay attention to damaging efforts by third countries to confront the pandemic in order to attack Cuba.


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