New victory of Cuba against the blockade was celebrated in The Bahamas

THE BAHAMAS, November 20th, 2017.- The Embassy of Cuba in The Bahamas recently held a cultural and political function at the Ambassador's residence to celebrate Cuba's new victory in the United Nations General Assembly against the blockade imposed by the US. Also, the 43 Anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Cuba and The Bahamas was celebrated.
The meeting was attended by members of the Cuban mission in The Bahamas, members of the solidarity group, Cuban residents and graduates in Cuba, family members of students currently studying on the island, Bahamian friends and from other nationalities.
As part of the event, the Ambassador denounced once again the blockade imposed by the US against Cuba. She conveyed a message of appreciation for the support of all the countries that voted in favor of the Cuban resolution, in particular The Bahamas. She also spoke about the relations between both countries and referred to the different areas of bilateral cooperation.
Besides, the president of the Association of Cuban Residents in The Bahamas "Ismaelillo", Horacio Herrera Pelayo, issued a statement reaffirming the Cuban community's rejection to the blockade and expressing their support to the Cuban Revolution. (Cubavsbloqueo-Embacuba Bahamas)

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