Mesa Redonda TV program and Cubavision Internacional denounce blocking of their YouTube channels


HAVANA, Cuba, Aug 21, 2020.- Cubavision International's YouTube channel, that of the Mesa Redonda TV program and their associated Google accounts were blocked on Thursday, causing the disappearance of all content published in years.

According to the Cubadebate site, the Mesa Redonda's Google account was blocked on this day for allegedly violating export laws, so the YouTube channel of the news program associated with that account disappeared from the social media.

This blockade occurred in the context that Cuba is of informational interest due to the Cuban vaccine candidate Soberana 01.

Cubadebate explained that at the time of its suspension, the Cuban Mesa Redonda channel had accumulated more than 19,000 subscribers, which had doubled in 2020, based on the information and measures of national importance that are made known on Cuban television.

For its part, Cubavision Internacional also denounced the closing of its account in Google and its associated channel.

Under U.S. export laws, transfers of Google Play applications to blockaded countries may be forbidden, and Google blocks downloads to these countries.
This demonstrates that this is an act of the U.S. blockade, which extends to all aspects, including cyberspace.

Youtube is the main repository on the Internet for videos, which is why, since its creation in 2009, the Mesa Redonda channel has stored the transmissions of the program in these years, as well as documentaries, interviews and interventions of the panelists in the more than 20 years of the program.


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