The financial persecution yet prevails in the bilateral relations between Cuba and the United States

CUBA, March 19, 2016.- In the Press Conference, last March 17, Cuba’s Foreign Affairs Minister Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla considered significant the authorization of the use of dollars by Cuba in foreign transactions.

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“Undoubtedly, it has to do with a significant aspect of the blockade. However, for making this a viable step, political statements by the government of the United States at a very high level will be needed for sure, legal documents will be needed,  many legal clarifications from the Treasury Department providing legal  and political security for banks, foreign banks and the United States banks themselves.”

“The banks will have to understand if this measure will effectively mean the cease in the short term of financial persecution against Cuba. The intimidating effects accumulated for decades, particularly in the last period in which sanctions were applied on international bank entities, namely, from third countries, for over 14 000 million dollars, for having legal relations with Cuba.”

“In the next few days we’ll try to make transfers in dollars with bank entities of third countries and the United States, to verify if these transactions can be effective and if foreign banks and American banks have indications that they can be made with Cuba without the fear of unjust and intimidating penalties. We’ll have to expect that hereafter fines like those applied recently, after the advances of the process of reestablishment of diplomatic relations  and after sanctions against German Commerzbank and French CreditAgricole were announced.” (Cubavsbloqueo)  

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