Extended Convocation for the Poster Contest #NoMásBloqueo

HAVANA, 17 July 2017.- After the launching of the #NoMásBloqueo poster contest within the framework of the Fourteenth Design Week 2017, we have received applications from persons from various countries around the world to participate in the contest.  Therefore we have decided to broaden the convocation and extend the term for applications. 

Designers, artists and students from Cuba and on the international scene may apply; they may participate as individuals or in groups of up to 5 persons and they may present more than one poster per participant.

The posters must be unpublished works in their general and specific contents.

The new date for submitting applications will be 31 August 2017; the results will be released on 26 September 2017 when the three awarded prizes will be announced.  
We plan to have an exhibition in Havana of the 15 best projects, including those of the three prize-winners along with two other exhibitions in Washington and New York.
The aim of the contest is to promote the coupling of design and the visual arts in general with the claim being made by Cuba and the world for the end of the economic, commercial and financial blockade which the United States continues to enforce against the Cuban people. (Cubavsbloqueo)

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