Eusebio Leal says Helms Burton Act harms Cuban sovereignty

Havana, June 12, 2019.- The historian of Havana, Eusebio Leal, affirmed on Tuesday that the application of Title III and IV of the Helms Burton Act on May 2 harms Cuba´s peace and sovereignty.

In statements to Prensa Latina, Leal highlighted the absolute and strict rejection of all the illegal, extraterritorial and immoral measures taken by Washington government against the island.

'This act not only threatens Cuban peace, but also that of all the peoples of the world,' he expressed.

According to Leal, the transcendence of this document supposes enclosing a people with the crystal clear purpose of condemning it to hunger, persecution and confrontation.

He also stressed that Cuba has a united and morally and spiritually strong people.

'I am completely convinced that we will defeat this ambush and all those who interpose us,' he told Prensa Latina.

On March 12, 1996, the then US President William Clinton signed the Helms-Burton Act, an initiative that defies International Law and the UN Charter in the effort to destroy the Cuban Revolution.

With the activation of the sections, Washington put in force new aggressive measures against the island, as part of its policy of intensifying the US economic, commercial and financial blockade, which has kept for over six decades.

(Cubavsbloqueo/Prensa Latina)


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