Denounced in Botswana the criminal US blockade policy against Cuba.

BOTSWANA, October 21, 2013. On the eve of the vote on the Cuban draft of Resolution against the blockade on the United Nations General Assembly, a press conference took place at the Cuban Embassy with the purpose of denouncing the criminal U.S. policy against Cuba.
In the function, which was attended by Cuban civil collaborators and solidarity friends of Cuba, were offered details on the origins, nature and consequences of the said policy for the Cuban people and the international condemnation that it has generated for many years.
During the interactive exchange with the media sector, for around one hour, the Cuban Ambassador, H.E. Juan Carlos Arencibia Corrales, delves into the most important aspects that make up the said policy which for decades have been applied against the Cuban people by the latest 11 U.S. administrations.
Through several examples the Cuban government representative illustrated the journalist who attended the function  representing 7 government and private media institutions, on the genocidal and extraterritorial nature of the blockade, emphasizing that  instead of being relieved, like the current Obama administration  have been trying to show  to the world, the blockade has been intensified, remaining intact framework of laws, regulations and prohibitions that gave rise to and pursue the purpose of rendering our people from hunger and bring about the destruction of the Revolution.
The Ambassador  Corrales further  explained on the other aspects that make up the U.S. aggressive policy against Cuba, which also include promoting state terrorism against our country, through countless acts of terrorism perpetrated by extremist organizations from the U.S. territory with the support and impunity of its authorities, mercenary invasions, sabotages against the Cuban national economy, plot of assassinations against  our leaders, ideological subversion including  radio and television aggressions, furious media campaign to discredit the Revolution, among others. He also referred to the battle of the entire Cuban people for the liberation of our five heroes unjustly imprisoned in U.S. jails, among other topics of interest.
He also referred to the vote of October 29, 2013, when for the twenty second consecutive year will be voted again by the UN General Assembly the Cuban Draft Resolution entitled "Necessity of ending the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States of America against Cuba ", which has been supported by the vast majority of the international community since 1992.
He noted that in 2012 188 member states voted in favor of the resolution and expressed the utmost confidence that once again the vast majority of the international community will express its condemnation of the criminal policy of blockade and once again will endorse support for the Cuban Draft Resolution requiring for lifting the above mentioned policy. (Cubaminrex/Embacuba Botswana)

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