Cubans living in Ghana in their 6th National Meeting reiterate their rejection of the blockade

GHANA, 28th October, 2017.- Cubans living in Ghana held their 6th National Meeting at the T-Havana Parks, which has become an emblematic place for the Cuban presence in this country.

The nearly 50 participants expressed their support for the sovereign decision of the Cuban people to build their own political system, and explicitly condemned the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the US against Cuba for more than five decades.

The Consular Officer, Mrs. Eulalia Cardenas, updated the participants on Consular and Immigration issues. In the debate of this segment, the rights and duties of Cuban citizens residing abroad were exchanged. At all times, the participants expressed their respect for the Cuban national laws, and thanked the representatives of the Diplomatic Mission for these exchanges.

In his closing remarks, Ambassador Pedro Luis Despaigne González, stressed that on 1st November, Cuba would wage another battle against the blockade, after the presentation to the plenary of the United Nations General Assembly, the Cuba´s Report on Resolution 71/5.

The VI Encounter took place in a month of great historical significance for the Cuban people, coinciding with transcendental events such as: the fall in combat of the Commander Ernesto Che Guevara; the beginning of the struggles for independence by the "Father of the Homeland", Carlos Manuel de Céspedes; the National Culture Day; the October Crisis, as one of the great expressions of resistance of the Cuban people; the physical disappearance of the Commander Camilo Cienfuegos. In an exchange about the meaning of being Cuban, the participants discussed these moments and paid tribute to those figures.

The segment dedicated to Cuba, its symbols and attributes, as well as its significant dates, was lead by two Cuban ladies representatives of two different generations, Julia Amparo Cobas, who stamped her experience, and Maday Valdés, who brought the freshness of the new generations. Julia and Maday also recalled the legacy of the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Commander in Chief Fidel Castro.

The attendees approved the logo that will identify the Cubans living in Ghana and signed the Final Declaration of the 6th National Meeting.

The 6th National Meeting of the Cuban Residents in Ghana was a moment of reflection and joy, where the pride of being Cuban prevailed at all times. The feeling of attachment and the defense of the Homeland, wherever one is found was also observed in the new generations of Cubans. (Cubavsbloqueo - Embacuba Ghana).

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