Chancellor #Cuba: What’s wrong with the civil freedom of US citizens?

- Questions by Foreign Affairs Minister Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla to the US government in statements to the press, last March 17.

On March 15, the US Departments of Treasury and Trade issued new regulations modifying the application of some aspects of the blockade of the United States against Cuba.

This is the fourth announcement of this kind made by the United States government since the announcement on December 17, 2014, when the Presidents of the two countries made public the decision to reestablish diplomatic relations.

Some of these steps enhance the scope of those which had been previously adopted. That’s the case, for instance, of the one authorizing now the individual trips under the license for educational exchange named “people to people”. It is worth recalling that, despite all these, the legal ban remains for US citizens travelling to Cuba.

“The threat of penalties for US tourists in Cuba is insane, unjustified, which shouldn’t exist. Only Cuba is a prohibited destination for US citizens. However, by adopting this step US citizens are still forced to keep tally of all their spending and all their activities, and they are demanded to dedicate all the time of their visit to our country, not to enjoy the open contact with Cubans and the wonders of Cuba, but to “promote the independence of Cubans”, as the executive order states.

Why to keep in force this absurd prohibition? What’s wrong with the civil freedom of US citizens?  (Cubavsbloqueo)

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