Chancellor #Cuba: Ban on Cuban imports keeps on in the US

CUBA, March 19, 2016. Cuba’s Foreign Affairs Ministry Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla stated in a press conference that the ban on Cuban imports remains in the United States, including medications and biotechnological products. Therefore, the limited bilateral trade away from international regulations, about free navigation, on discriminatory basis, but operating today in a very limited fashion, keeps being unidirectional.

The Minister also said, that Cuban products and services are not allowed in the United States. Only an absurd prohibition, which kept US citizen from consuming Cuban products and services in third countries, has been modified; what they did was to allow the consumption of those products or services in some third country.

The Cuban Minister illustrated that if a US citizen visits Canada and wants to get a Cuban product, enjoy any kind of treatment in the United States of Cuban origin, if he would like to buy a bottle of the world’s best aged rum or the best Havana cigars, he is prohibited from doing so. (Cubavsbloqueo)

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See Full Press Conference by Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla in:

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