ACNU calls for complete lifting of the obsolete blockade policy

CUBA, February 19, 2016.- the Cuban Association of the United Nations (ACNU by its acronym in Spanish), which is made up by more than 100 organizations and individual associates, published an open letter to President Obama ahead of his next visit to Cuba, where the respect and hospitality featuring in this land with which he will be received was ratified.

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The letter highlighted that the lifting of the blockade is essential for the normalization of relations. “this policy was unjustly imposed more than half a century ago, which is contrary to the principles of the UN Charter as well as the limitations it causes for the sustainable development in Cuba.

Although the Association considers that the package of measures adopted by President Obama to soften the blockade is positive, it stressed that these are insufficient and limited, since there are still many aspects with full validity on which he has wide executive power that can be applied.

“ACNU called the United States President to lift completely that the obsolete policy and adopt all the steps in his power to continue the process initiated on the basis of respect for our sovereignty and self-determination, which are inalienable values of our people”, the letter expressed.

The Cuban Association of the United Nations is a non-governmental organization created in 1947, which assembles persons and institutions interested in taking part of the United Nations’ activity. (Cubavsbloqueo)  

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