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Vice Prime Minister and Chancellor of Namibia condemns the latest US measures against Cuba

NAMIBIA, November 21, 2017.- The Vice Prime Minister of Namibia and Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, Netumbo Nandi- Ndaitwah, in her second meeting this year with the diplomatic corps, condemned the latest measures taken by the United States government against Cuba, which intensify the Economic, commercial and financial blockade.

New victory of Cuba against the blockade was celebrated in The Bahamas

THE BAHAMAS, November 20th, 2017.- The Embassy of Cuba in The Bahamas recently held a cultural and political function at the Ambassador's residence to celebrate Cuba's new victory in the United Nations General Assembly against the blockade imposed by the US. Also, the 43 Anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Cuba and The Bahamas was celebrated.

"The United States Congress must vote for the end of the blockade", according to Malaysian journalist

MALAYSIA, November 20, 32017.- The digital and printed edition of The Malay Mail newspaper published an article about Cuba, based on an interview with the Cuban ambassador by Dato Yew Men Lee, one of its directors and journalist last week.

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