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Greece Stresses Americans' Feeling vs. Blockade on Cuba

GREECE,  February 17, 2014.- Zougla, one of the most visited news websites in Greece, stresses today that most of U.S. citizens, according to surveys, want a change in their government''s policy towards Cuba. The information is illustrated by a vignette by Brazilian artist Carlos Latuff, in which President Barack Obama is seen with a riffle on his shoulder at a round of surveillance from the wall of a prison whose walls, painted with the flag of bars, stars, and the word Embargo, locked the island of Cuba.

According to a national study carried out in the United States, some 56 percent of those surveyed were in favor of ending the blockade on Cuba, as it has already prolonged for more than 50 years, and the establishment of relations.

That information increased until 62 percent in case of Latin citizens and until 63 percent in the state of Florida, where a strong Cuban-American community lives there, Zougla said.

A similar number of those surveyed supported their position contrary to the blockade in economic and not ideological reasons, for considering that not only companies but also U.S. citizens should have the opportunity to commercialize with the island or travel and spend their money there without restrictions.

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