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Cuba's Ambassador in Egypt denounces genocidal blockade of United States against his country.

Cairo, October 24, 2013. The Ambassador of Cuba in Egypt, Otto Vaillant Frías, gave a press conference to Egyptian media, which denounced the genocidal and illegal blockade imposed by United States to the Cuban nation for more than five decades.
The diplomat pointed out that Cuba will present for twenty second time, on 29 October, the Cuban resolution entitled " Necessity of ending the economic, commercial and financial embargo imposed by the United States of America against Cuba" . Vaillant cold stressed that this resolution has been the most supported in the history of the United Nations, when last year a total of 188 countries supported the lifting of the illegal blockade imposed on the Caribbean island.
The Cuban representative said that the extraterritoriality of the embargo and harassment of Cuban financial transactions with third countries has been reinforced during the Government of Barack Obama and gave as an example the sanctions applied to banks and foreign companies to maintain links with our country.
"The blockade is the main obstacle to the economic development of Cuba, causing the country losses of more than one trillion dollars, over more than 50 years that lasts this anachronistic policy that violates the most basic principles of international law." Vaillant Frías said.
He added that the restrictions imposed by the successive American Governments include medicines and medical kits to the attention to patients of serious, including ailments children with certain types of cancer, as well as the sectors of culture, sport and the theft of Cuban trademarks, as cases of Havana Club rum and cigars Cohiba.
 "Despite the blockade Cuba has shared what little has sent thousands of doctors, nurses, teachers and sports coaches to many countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia. At the same time studied in Cuba, for free, hundreds of thousands of young people from the third world". The Cuban diplomat stressed.
"Once more our country ask at the General Assembly of the UN order to blockade Cuba that surely will be supported overwhelmingly by the vast majority of its member countries, as a clear sign of international recognition of our struggle and resistance". Ambassador Said. (Embacuba Egipto)