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Nicaragua denounces US attacks against Cuba and Venezuela at UN

Managua, Sep 29.- Nicaragua's government denounced on Tuesday within the framework of the 75th UN General Assembly the repetition of attacks against its people and those of Cuba and Venezuela.

In his virtual intervention, Nicaragua's Foreign Minister Denis Moncada said that those aggressions follow a pattern, a model and a design of the interests of others, typical of the interfering and interventionist policies of the empires, violators of the peoples' human rights.

'We denounce and condemn the aggression suffered by the worthy people of Cuba through the brutal US blockade, reaffirming our permanent solidarity with the legacy of Commander Fidel Castro, Army General Raul Castro and Cuba's President Miguel Diaz-Canel,' the FM stated.

Moncada also reiterated his steadfast support for Venezuela 'which is suffering a cowardly, brutal and criminal attack from the US empire and we ratify the firm and unswerving defense of the sovereignty and the right of the Bolivarian people.'

'Such coercive and aggressive policies of the empires constitute the true obstacle to eradicating poverty and advancing towards sustainable development,' stressed the head of Nicaraguan diplomacy.

In addition, the FM highlighted that in Covid-19 times those measures are deemed a crime against humanity.

Nicaragua also advocated for the decolonization of the Latin American continent, through the independence of Puerto Rico and the restitution to Argentina of sovereignty over the Malvinas Islands.

(Prensa Latina-Cubavsbloqueo)