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Cuban President denounces at UN heightened US hostility


United Nations, Sep 22, 2020.- The hostility of the commercial, economic and financial US blockade against Cuba has escalated amid the Covid-19 pandemic, Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel denounced at the UN this Tuesday.

The US blockade has brutally tightened in past two years, even in times of pandemic, as proof this is the essential component of Washington's policy of hostility towards my country, the Cuban President said.

He stressed the hostility of the US blockade escalated to a qualitatively new level, reinforcing its condition as a real and decisive impediment to economy and development management.

The US government has especially tightened the persecution of Cuba's financial transactions and, since 2019, has adopted sanctions that violate the International Law, in order to deprive the Cuban people of the possibility of acquiring fuel they require in their daily work and for their development, the Cuban Head of State stressed.

To harm and demonize the Cuban revolution and others classed as adversaries, Washington published spurious lists lacking in legitimacy, with which it claims the right to impose unilateral coercive measures and unfounded qualifications on the world, he further said.

'Not a week goes by without that government issuing statements against Cuba or imposing new restrictions.'