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Change of policy with Latin America demanded in US

Zona de Paz

Washington, Sep 14, 2020.- Over 100 US organizations have demanded presidential candidates Donald Trump (Rep.) and Joe Biden (Dem.) change their policy towards Latin America, including Cuba, La Opinion newspaper highlighted today.

According to the newspaper, Democratic and Republican leaders promoted interventionist policies in the region, but under Donald Trump there is a greater setback, thus impacting the ability of regional governments to implement their own socio-economic and environmental plans.

The group sent a letter to re-election campaign of Trump and Biden, in order to commit to promoting the 'Good Neighbor' policy and not the Monroe Doctrine, the newspaper published.

Manuel Pérez-Rocha, director of Global Economy Project Program at the Washington-based Institute for Policy Studies, pointed out that with Monroe Doctrine the US geopolitical control over Latin America is affirmed.

Such a policy justified the different governments in the intervention and 'military invasions', even to support dictatorships, as a way of having a greater economic control.

The letter sets out six specific requests: (1) to end economic sanctions; (2) to modify the militarization policy; (3) to put an end to political interference; (4) to support the human rights of all peoples; (5) to modify immigration policy, and (6) to change trade policy.