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Germany rejects US blockade imposed on Cuba


Asked about Germany's position concerning Washington's actions against the Caribbean Island, Burger assured that Angela Merkel's administration opposes the approval of this type of measure against any country.

German artists and academics launched on June 23 of this year an initiative to demand the end of the US blockade and urged the German government to work so that, during its presidency of the European Union Council, the community alliance manifests itself against that genocidal policy.

Published on the online platform, the petition has the support of more than 50 thousand personalities of culture and science, former ministers, sociologists, business people, philanthropists, historians, and professors of International Law, among many other sectors.

In addition to demanding the end of the blockade, the initiative denounces the United States' attempts to subdue Cuba and the pressure exerted by the Donald Trump administration on several countries to reject the help of the Cuban medical brigades.