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Irish solidarity stronger than ever against the Yankee blockade of Cuba


Dublin, July 4th, 2020. Historically, on the occasion of the celebration of July 4, "Cuba Support Group - Ireland" has held a demonstration condemning the Yankee economic blockade against the people of Cuba, demanding its immediate lifting and ratifying its sustained solidarity.

They have chosen for the demonstration the beautiful "Phoenix Park" where among other facilities is the residence of the US ambassador.

Despite the restrictions imposed by COVID-19, the friends of Cuba in an altruistic and solidary gesture decided this year to once again demonstrate their solidarity and condemn the intensification of the blockade and the actions of sabotage of Cuban cooperation with other nations in matters of health undertaken by the North American government.

They have also condemned the arbitrary lists of the Trump government that cynically seek to point out Cuba as a country complicit in terrorism and human trafficking.

The millions of dollars that the empire invests in propaganda are not enough, the friends of Cuba do not forget the hundreds of terrorist attacks against Cuba committed with the complicity of the US government, they do not forget the thousands of victims. They cannot forget that terrorists like Posada Carriles have found refuge and shelter in Florida. Nor can they forget that the US government encourages illegal emigration of Cubans, while building walls on the border with Mexico.

Thank you friends from Ireland, gestures like this give us additional strength to continue our battle in defense of sovereignty, self-determination and firm belief in a better world possible.

(Cubavsbloqueo- Embacuba Irlanda)