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South African graduates in Cuba condemn the cruel policy of blockade

South África , november 13, 2018- At the First National Meeting of South African Graduated in Cuba, held at the historic site that treasures the names of Cubans fallen in the struggles for the liberation of Africa, Freedom Park, the South African alumni adopted a strong statement expressing their solidarity with the Cuban Revolution and the firm rejection to the policy of blockade that the government of the United States applies against our country.

In an emotional gathering, the participants recalled the historical links that unite Cuba and South Africa, forged in the struggles for the independence of the continent, in which the Cubans offered their lives. The assistants patented their commitment to work with other progressive forces in South Africa and the world to continue supporting Cuba and maintain the condemnation to the United States for its blockade policy, which violates  the international law and its extraterritorial.

The declaration is also grateful for the internationalism and solidarity of the Revolution, materialized in sending to different countries of Africa specialists in water resources, medicine, teachers and construction workers, as well as the role played b your country in training of young people from the all continent.

(Cubavsbloqueo-Embacuba Sudáfrica)