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Cuban Foreign Minister in New York for UN Vote Against Blockade

UNITED NATIONS, October 24, 2016.- Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez is in New York for a new vote in the UN General Assembly on the need to lift the US blockade against Cuba.

Rodríguez will speak on Wednesday at the UN General Assembly's plenary session, a forum made up by 193 countries where the international community has categorically rejected, during the last 24 years, the economic, commercial and financial siege in force for over half a century

 The Cuban resolution to be submitted to the Assembly demands the lifting of unilateral sanctions, which economic damages to Cuba have been estimated at one trillion 157 billion dollars, considering the dollar depreciation against the value of gold.

 This initiative adopted in 2015, had 191 of the 193 possible votes, a result that, once again, left isolated the United States, accompanied only by the US ally: Israel.

There is no doubt here that the US siege will receive on October 26 a strong rejection because of the criticism generated in the five continents.

Last September, nearly 40 presidents, first ministers and foreign ministers took the opportunity, offered by the annual high-level debate of the General Assembly, to address the world to advocate for the end of the blockade.

 Bolivia, Venezuela, Mexico, Nicaragua, Uruguay, Jamaica, Costa Rica, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Angola, Tanzania, Vietnam, Laos, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Palau and Solomon Islands, among other nations, defended the end of the US sanctions against Cuba.