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The blockade hurts the people of Cuba, said Cuban diplomat in Liberia

LIBERIA, September 30th, 2016.- The Chargé d'affaires of the Cuban diplomatic mission in Liberia, Yordenis Despaigne Vera, was received in one of the classrooms of the Institute of Foreign Service of Liberia "Gabriel L. Dennis." His visit had as main objective to deliver a thematic conference entitled "The blockade hurts the people of Cuba".

To the nearly thirty students, joined Prof. Kasseleh King Kanneh and the Director General of the academic institution, PhD. Augustine Konneh. On the Cuban side also was present the Second Secretary Carmen Maury Toledo.

After the introductory remarks of Professor King Kanneh, the head of the Cuban diplomatic mission noted how, despite the restoration of diplomatic relations between Cuba and the United States, the policy of economic, commercial and financial blockade is the main obstacle to the full development of the Cuban economy and violates the rights of American citizens. He highlighted the overwhelming support received by Cuba at the United Nations, particularly in the 24 occasions that presented the draft resolution condemning the blockade and calling for his lifting. Some members of the audience, -among which there are ministers, deputy ministers and senators-,  inquired about the blockade and its impact on the process of normalization of bilateral relations between the two countries.

They also asked for the positions of dialogue on the subject of both governments after President Obama's visit to Cuba and which may the curse of those negotiations be after Obama’s presidency.

The Foreign Service Institute of Liberia "Gabriel L. Dennis" was established by legal decree in 1946. In 1950 he was declared attached to the Foreign Ministry of that country, and its main mission is to serve as the flagship institution in the academic and comprehensive training of the Liberian diplomatic staff.

(Cubavsbloqueo-EmbaCuba Liberia)