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Cuban Education, Another Target of US Blockade

CUBA, September 29th, 2016.- The economic, financial and trade blockade imposed by the United States on Cuba for over half a century has now a strong negative impact on the Cuban education system.

According to data provided by the Ministry of Education (MINED,) sensitive damages have been caused, taking into account that Cuba gives an extraordinary importance to the equitable and quality training with full access to it.

The Ministry of Education considers that the blockade is the main reason why the United States and Cuba do not have mechanisms for the exportation of services –a field where Cuba enjoys international prestige– or for the feedback between their respective educational systems.

In addition, this unilateral measure causes direct effects, like the lack of laboratories and specialized equipment for teaching languages and technical disciplines, the shortage of inputs for the preservation of historical documents, the decline in text availability and the more expensive special education.

The restrictions imposed by the blockade also hinder the plans of the different publishing houses regarding school libraries and information centers, the MINED noted.

The MINED also noted that Cuba often has difficulties to collect payment for educational services offered to third parties, because many banks have fear of US sanctions and fines, and the impossibility of using the dollar as the currency for foreign trade since.

Likewise, the blockade hinders the access to technologies and essential informatics tools for the training process and the creation of educational syllabus.

However, despite the limitations and shortcomings caused by the US blockade, authorities, teachers and staff of the MINED in the Cuban schools have reaffirmed, through their daily actions, the will of continuing developing the national education system.

That effort has a largely global recognition due to the remarkable Cuban successes in the quality and expansion of education.