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Namibia continues to call for the immediate lifting of the remaining unilateral embargo against Cuba, says Namibian ambassador

Mr. President, Namibia aligns itself with the statements delivered on behalf of the Africa Group and the NAM.

We thank the Special Rapporteur and Independent Expert for their reports.We will first focus on the report by the Independent Expert on democratic & equitable international order.

As indicated previously, Namibia is not a party to international, or multilateral, investment agreements and continues to review its bilateral agreements to assess their human rights implications. Many bilateral investment treaties and free trade agreements have been concluded between unequally dominant and weak partners, rendering them not being mutually beneficial, but abusive and breaching fundamental norms of international law.It is therefore necessary to continue monitoring the adverse impacts of old bilateral investment treaties and free trade agreements and to determine whether initiatives to reform the system and eliminate contra bonos mores provisions in those treaties result in a more democratic and equitable economic regime, or whether flagrant abuses continue with impunity.  In this regard we agree that the role of parliaments is crucial in ensuring human rights protection while promoting trade.

Mr. President,
The most powerful bodies in the world are unfortunately also lacking democratic representation and inclusiveness. International institutions ought to be, as national institutions in democratic countries, established by the peoples for the peoples.Those who seek to take advantage of secretly negotiated trade agreements through which they achieve ends, which could not be attained in an open political process,are called upon to stop this practice.

Mr. President,

Turning to the report by the SR on unilateral coercive measures, we welcome the focus on remedies and dispute settlement, especially under the human rights bodies. We also support the recommendation previously made by him to set up a consolidated central register at the level of the Security Council or of the United Nations Secretariat to revise the list of all unilateral coercive measures in force.  

We reiterate our call for unilateral coercive measures to be eliminated and not only restricted in its use. The imposition of these measures is in violation of the Charter of the United Nations and it has an adverse effect on the enjoyment of all human rights and there are several UN resolutions since 1992 to condemn these measures. The time has come for redress and remedies as concrete measures to address this adverse impact.

Whilst we welcome the recent positive developments between the USA and Cuba, Namibia continues to call for the immediate lifting of the remaining unilateral embargo against Cuba. Unilateral coercive measures have clearly failed to achieve its objectives and are out of touch with current trends in world politics.
I thank you.

September 13 th, 2016