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Chancellor #Cuba: Why was removed the authorization to Cuban banks for opening corresponding accounts?

CUBA, March 19, 2016.- Questions of Foreign Affairs Minister Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla to the US government , in a statement to the press, last March 17.

“…the announced measure related to the use of the US dollar by Cuba, does not mean at all the normalization of bank relations between Cuba and the United States, as could have been expected under these circumstances.”

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“According to the regulations of the United States Government, Cuban banks are not allowed to have correspondent accounts in US banks, which is indispensable to keep normal financial relations, so the Cuban financial operations will have to be made through third countries, which will continue to increase the operational costs, the associated procedures and starting from the accumulation of terrible penalties, dissuasive effects.”         

“I would like to ask the government of the United States why that step has not been made now, why it cannot be made, why these steps authorizing Cuban banks to open correspondent accounts in US banks were removed, especially in the eve of such a significant moment in our bilateral relations, like President Barack Obama’s upcoming arrival to Havana.”

“Neither any decision related to the possibility of US investments in our country, beyond those approved previously, not in this package of measures for the telecommunications sector with clear political purposes.”  (Cubavsbloqueo)

See Full Press Conference by Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla in:

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